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sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague" (2009)

Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague" (2009)

1.Priests of Sodom03:31
2.Scalding Hail01:46
3.To Decompose03:03
4.A Cauldron of Hate04:59
5.Beheading and Burning02:16
6.Evidence in the Furnace02:48
7.Carnivorous Swarm03:36
8.Evisceration Plague04:30
9.Shatter Their Bones03:35
10.Carrion Sculpted Entity02:33
12.Skewered From Ear to Eye03:49
Total playing time38:48

Os Cannibal Corpse estão de volta com o seu 11º album de estudio.


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Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague (2009)

mp3@256kbps VBR

Track listing

1. "Priests of Sodom" Alex Webster 3:31
2. "Scalding Hail" Rob Barrett, Mazurkiewicz 1:46
3. "To Decompose" Paul Mazurkiewicz, Pat O'Brien 3:03
4. "A Cauldron of Hate" Webster 4:59
5. "Beheading and Burning" Webster 2:15
6. "Evidence in the Furnace" Webster 2:48
7. "Carnivorous Swarm" Mazurkiewicz, O'Brien 3:36
8. "Evisceration Plague" Webster 4:30
9. "Shatter Their Bones" Barrett 3:35
10. "Carrion Sculpted Entity" Mazurkiewicz 2:33
11. "Unnatural" Webster 2:22
12. "Skewered from Ear to Eye" Webster 3:49
13. "Skull Fragment Armor" (special edition bonus track) 2:10