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segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2009

Caducity "Whirler of Fate" (1997)

Caducity "Whirler of Fate" (1997)

1.Crow and Hooves, Lightningsdome part 105:26
2.Crow and Hooves, Lightningsdome part 206:00
3.Arcane Churning Yearning06:11
6.Beneath, in His Benighted Dwellings, the Paramount Shrieks With Laughter...05:47
7.Be'Eth the Clairvoyant the Whirler of Fate06:29
8.When Your Dear God Falls to Perishment...06:14
Total playing time45:25

Segundo álbum desta banda belga de Death Metal épico.


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