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quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008

Lividity "Live Fornication" (2008)

Lividity "Live Fornication" (2008)

1.Rectal Wench02:09
2.Seven 1903:15
3.Stench of Virginity - Process of Disembowlement - The Urge to Splurge (medley)04:19
4.No Time For Lube02:57
6.Used, Abused and Left For Dead01:49
7.Oozing Vaginal Discharge03:06
8.Pussy Lover02:52
10.Oozing Vaginal Discharge02:59
11.Snack Size Tits00:39
12.Second Cumming (Pussy Lover Pt.2)03:35
13.Bound in Skin02:26
14.Chamber of Bone03:39
15.T.L.C. Tight L'il Cunt05:34
Total playing time44:37

Novo álbum ao vivo destes veteranos do Death/Grind.


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