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segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

Freedom Call "Legend of the Shadowking" (2010)

Freedom Call "Legend of the Shadowking" (2010)

1.Out of the Ruins04:21
2.Thunder God03:31
3.Tears of Babylon03:38
4.Merlin - Legend of the Past04:17
5.Resurrection Day03:34
6.Under the Spell of the Moon05:08
7.Dark Obsession04:45
8.The Darkness05:06
10.Ludwig II - Prologue02:19
11.The Shadowking05:13
12.Merlin - Requiem02:34
13.Kingdom of Madness03:59
14.A Perfect Day03:58
Total playing time56:44

Sexto álbum de Power Metal dos germânicos Freedom Call.

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